Skydive Moncton
Skydive Moncton 2011

Tandem's getting ready to go for a jumpLEARN TO SKYDIVE

Why do people jump out of perfectly good airplanes?



Because it's FUN!!!!


With the technical advances in parachute equipment, and developments in skydiving instructions, the sport of skydiving is safer and more fun than ever before. You will be using state of the art equipment and jumping out of a commercially certified aircraft. You will be landing in a field designated for skydiving jumps, within Moncton City Limits.

Experiencing the thrill and excitement of skydiving requires a certain amount of training. Today, Skydiving Instructors educate and advise students before, during and after each parachute jump. Your instructors will cover all aspects of parachuting.


 You choose:




Tandem :

  • 30 minutes of ground training;
  • Attached to an instructor exiting an aircraft 10,000ft above the earth;
  • Experience some serious freefall;
  • 5-7 minutes parachute ride back to earth.




Progressive Freefall Course (PFF) :

  • Intro to Solo Skydiving Course (5 hour ground school training);
  • Learning freefall and parachute flying skills;
  • Freefall training jumps from 10,500 feet with instructors holding on to your parachute harness as you exit and freefall for 40 seconds while learning various skills (6 jumps total).

Come and learn to skydive with us!
We've been teaching people how to skydive for almost 30 years.

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