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Skydive Moncton 2011
Tandem Jumps


FEEL THE THRILL of FREEFALL with a Tandem Skydive.

The best part? You are harnessed to an experienced Tandem Master and all you have to do is enjoy the jump.


You will wear a harness similar to what other jumpers wear, but instead of having a parachute attached to you, you will be attached to a specially trained and certified Tandem Master. The Tandem Master is wearing a larger than normal canopy to support the extra weight. You will leap from the plane as far as three kilometers above the earth and experience some serious freefall!!!


Tandems going up 

This is your experience: The Tandem Master will give you a 30 minutes briefing providing instruction on exit, freefall, parachute ride and a soft landing. You are then geared up and on your way to the aircraft. On the way to altitude, you will enjoy views of the City of Moncton, the Beaches of Shediac and on a clear day, Prince Edward Island and the Confederation Bridge. When you arrive at altitude, the door will open - Your Adrenaline is now pumping, this is like nothing you've ever done before. You get into position in the door, look out and smile at the cameraman who has the camera on YOU, getting your every expressions!


You're now sitting on the edge of an airplane three kilometers above the ground smiling for the camera. You get the signal and you are now SKYDIVING. Unbelievable, you are flying. You slowly turn, getting the view of a lifetime. The cameraman is just a couple of feet away from you waving. How are you going to explain this experience of a lifetime to your friends and family?


The Tandem Master gives you a signal and you feel the parachute opening. Everything becomes quiet and you enjoy a eight-minute cruise back to earth. Under CanopyYour instructor gets you to prepare for landing; the cameraman is already on the ground waiting to get your expressions. The parachute slows down and you are on the ground. There is no other ride like it.


Have your Tandem Jump captured on video or photographed! Upon your request, a freefall photographer will accompany you on your jump. Your training, climb to altitude, exit, freefall, and landing will be photographed and/or video taped, and professionally edited onto DVD for home viewing.


For your personal safety and due to manufacturer's equipment limitations, student jumpers should weight no more than 220 pounds and be in reasonable physical health. You must also be at least 19 years of age (or 16-18 with parental consent).


TANDEM JUMP VIDEO (More in the Media Section)



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Payment Methods Accepted

Price List

Tandem Jump




1-4 people $265/person
5-9 people  $255/person
10+ $245/person


Price for the Tandem Parachute Jump Includes: 30 minutes instruction and briefing, your very own personnal instructor, a scenic aircraft ride with all equipment necessary and the ride of your life. 





Tandem video: $70.00
Tandem digital stills: $70.00
Video and Digital stills: $105.00



Taxes not included.  All prices listed are subject to changes without notice.