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Progressive Freefall (PFF)


So you've jumped out of a perfectly good airplane, now what?

Do it again of course!



The Skydive Moncton PFF Course is the first step toward becoming a Canadian Sport Parachuting Association (CSPA) certified skydiver.

PFF Jump


At Skydive Moncton our CSPA certified Instructors and Coaches can train you for the CSPA Solo, A, B, C, and D Certificates of Proficiency (CoPs). The nationally recognized Solo CoP qualifies you to jump without the direct supervision of an Instructor. This allows you to train with a Coach to develop the skills necessary to earn the A CoP. Think of the Solo CoP as a "learners permit".




PFF Jump The internationally recognized A, B, C and D CoPs qualify you to participate in advanced recreational skydiving activities such as formation skydiving, competition, and night jumps - to name just a few of the many rewarding opportunities in our sport. After your first jump, the next major goals in your skydiving career are your first free-fall, and subsequently, your Solo CoP.


At Skydive Moncton, we offer a six level Progressive Freefall (PFF) program designed to prepare you for the Solo CoP. In this program, each free-fall is conducted from an altitude of approximately ten-thousand feet, and each free-fall jump in the program includes interactive in-air instruction. Our PFF program consists of the following levels:

Level I - Introduction to Freefall 2:1 Harness Hold Exit
Level II - Start & Stop Turns in Freefall 2:1 Harness Hold Exit
Level III - 90* Turns in Freefall 1:1 Harness Hold Exit
Level IV - 180* Turns in Freefall 1:1 Harness Hold Exit
Level V - 360* Turns in Freefall 1:1 Unlinked Exit
Level VI - "Ride the Slide" 1:1 Unlinked Exit

The Level 1 Ground School for the PFF will be offered on:

July 7 (full)

Augst 25 (full) and

September 8 (full)

Please send us an email if you want your name on the cancellation list. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


 Limited spaces are available. Please contact our office for registration or more information. 


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