Skydive Moncton
Skydive Moncton 2011


Is skydiving safe?


Your safety throughout the jump is our top priority. Like rock-climbing, bungee jumping or skiing, skydiving is considered to be a high risk sport. Risks are minimized by knowledge. We believe that learning and understanding the risks involved and how to deal with them with the safest possible methods minimizes the risk factor. Here at Skydive Moncton we take safety very seriously.


We are affiliated with the Canadian Sport Parachuting Association (CSPA). The CSPA has been Canadian skydivers main governing body since 1956. We are proud to support and adhere to their program of licensing and training. All of our coaches and instructors are CSPA rated and licensed.


Our equipment undergoes regular maintenance and the plane we fly is closely monitored and inspected. Even with the many precautions taken, there are inherent risks in skydiving that may lead to serious injury or death. This is a risk we choose to take while participating in such an extreme sport.