Skydive Moncton
Skydive Moncton 2011


What is your refund policy?


You may make changes to your jump booking at least 5 days before your booked time with no penalty.

If you reschedule or cancel your booking with less than 5 days notice your deposit is forfeited.

If we cancel or reschedule your initially scheduled booking due to circumstances beyond our control we will issue you a "rain check".

Weather. Due to inaccuracy of weather forecasts we rarely take anything more than a 4-hour "forecast" consideration. If you are concerned the weather will interfere with your booking to skydive call us before leaving for Skydive Moncton to make your jump(s). Ultimately, Skydive Moncton will make the final decision to issue you a rain check and schedule your jump for another time due to weather. You can't jump if you aren't at the parachute center. If you decide not to come because "you" think the weather is bad and, we jumped that day you will forfeit your deposit for each person in your group who did not come to jump.