$100 Gift Certificate

$100 Gift Certificate


If you've ever heard them saying

"...someday I'm going to try skydiving",

or if you know this is on their "to do" list;

then we can assure you that this is the best gift you could get them...

Want to help a friend or family with their dream to take the plunge?
Why not help them reach that dream with a Skydive Moncton Gift Certificate!

The value of the gift certificate can be used towards any Skydive activity or service that Skydive Moncton has to offer that includes:


  • Tandem Jumps
  • IAD Jump Course
  • IAD Jumps
  • Tandem Video and Photo Services*
  • PFF Jump Courses
  • Fun Jumps

*IAD web ordered pictures are an exclusion to the use of the certificates at this time.

Limitations for the use of a Skydive Moncton certificate include festivals or boogies that are organized by other skydive organizations such as the Moncton Skydiving Club where the aircraft is not directly owned or leased by Skydive Moncton. Other limitations may apply such as age of the person(s) using the certificate and thus all eligibility requirements to make a skydive are in full effect. Certificates are transferable to another person and will not be re-issued if lost.