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What if the weather is bad the day of my jump?


Ground training occurs regardless of weather, although for safety reasons, we cannot jump in the rain, if the clouds are too low or if the winds are too high. For any type of jump your instructor must be able to see the landing area from the plane before starting your skydive.


We recommend you call the office the day of your skydive appointment if you have any doubts or questions about the weather. Remember that the weather in Moncton might be different from what you're experiencing at your home. The weather can change throughout the day.


It is not unusual for it to be cloudy and possibly raining in the morning, then turn into perfect skydiving weather in the afternoon. Winds also tend to become lighter in late afternoon, and especially in the evening, making for a spectacular jumping experience if you're willing to be patient! If the weather doesn't clear up and your jump is cancelled for that day, we will give you a rain check so you can return at any time until the end of the following season and we'll get you up there - after a refresher, of course.